Let’s count our blessings! There are so many negative posts on social media. We would like to remind you that for every negative that occurs throughout your week, you probably have tons of positive interactions in our beautiful town. We want to celebrate the positives. Please leave us a testimonial telling about a POSITIVE experience you had in our community, so we can share that with everyone!

Jo Lewis

We moved ourselves and our business to this amazing area a little less than a year ago. Needless to say, the COVID-19 outbreak has affected us all here but in trying to support my fellow small business owners, my husband and I have tried out GYROS KING! Hands down THE BEST gryos I have ever had as well as their awesome Greek potatoes!!!! They also had my food ready and I never had to get out of the car! Friends, seriously, get an awesome meal from these guys because I so want them staying here in Dunnellon.

Had my mom's 80 suprize birthday party at Sweetys cafe, not only did they reserve half the place for my guests, they treated my mom like a Queen, Gena and her staff are wonderful, the customer service is the best you will find and i felt like family there. She even helped me with my food allergy. If anyone is in Dunnellon stop by Sweety's for a bite. You wont be disappointed, the food is awesome and so are the people.

Dunnellon is my place to escape. I love spending the day browsing the cute shops then treating myself to a yummy lunch and of course dessert at Sweeties. True Southern charm still exists!

I love Sweeties! Several months ago I was very ill, and a friend who lives out of the area called Sweeties and purchased a credit for me to use, I was home bound, called Sweeties and not only did they offer to deliver my order (after hours) but even added my favorite dessert to the order for me. I will forever remember the kindness shown to me, from both my friend, and Sweeties!


Dunnellon, a place deep in history and natural beauty. Much history has been written about Dunnellon and Rainbow Springs. It's outstanding to explore. For over a century Dunnellon has seen many changes. There are many changes to come. What stands out most to me is the people, the community, the desire to to move forward. Come visit and check it out.



Dunnellon is an amazing small town made up of big dreams and even bigger hearts. The folks at the chamber are a delight to work with and the businesses are all customer/user friendly. The residents make the small town feel really come to life with a smile or a helping hand always extended. I love our Big-Little small town.



I love our local businesses like Ace Hardware where a worker spent 20 minutes with me finding the correct bolt I needed. Or Dunnellon Tire & Auto who go above and beyond for my car repairs and my safety! I LOVE DUNNELLON!



I know our town is growing, but I am happy to know that we still retain our small town values in many ways. If you have not gone, visit the historic train depot on Tuesdays from 9-2. The building has so much character, and the people inside are so dedicated to Dunnellon's history.



Dunnellon is my Hometown, even though I grew up in Tampa, FL. Our family (me, my husband and our three boys) moved here in 2013, and I have never felt more welcome in a community. The river itself is a blessing to have nearby. Yearly passes to the river are very affordable. The boys and I will often go during the summers after 3pm, and swim at KP Hole. We see fish and wildlife all the time. I would recommend for anyone to come to Dunnellon and enjoy the nature and beauty it has to offer.


Dunnellon via miami

I love my little town from the beautiful rivers to some pretty good food (Boulevard Bistro, Don Pepe’s and Just a Cupcake). Then you have fun places to visit such as Rainbow Springs State Park and Blue Run Trail. There is something for everyone!


Dunnellon will always have a special place in my heart. Beautiful people, places wherein you can enjoy nature, and my favorite, the food choices this place has. And DCBA has done an awesome job helping local businesses flourish. Also, there's a lot of history here, one should visit the Old Train Depot and be awed with the things from the past. I would definitely recommend Dunnellon and experience what it has to offer.

Josh Sr


this town is awesome... most of the time